Wasatch Tango is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Argentine Tango in the Salt Lake City, Utah area and beyond since 1997 (Read about the first years of the club on Emily’s tangoblog and on Mark’s webpage)

The mission of the Wasatch Tango Club is to attract new people, to encourage growth in all who discover, experience, enjoy, and help preserve the music, dance and culture of Argentine Tango, and to foster deep connections between people who love tango.
We are committed to preserving the Club’s reputation of a friendly and welcoming community, and adhere to strict ethical guidelines.
Wasatch Tango Club holds annual meetings to elect the Club officers and directors and is governed by the following bylaws.


  • President: David Herrera
  • Vice-President: Sage Agbonkhese
  • Secretary: Florencia Campos Yapura
  • Treasurer: Dmitry Pruss


  • Guadalupe Sandoval Rodriguez
  • Claudia Goulston
  • Mark Christensen

Send a message to the board: (e-mail)


  • Musical Director: Brian Salisbury (email)
  • Webmaster: Christopher Neville (email)
  • Ogden Area Contact: Xenede Card (e-mail)
  • Utah Valley Contact: Cristina Ott (e-mail)