Salt Lake Tango Fest, Memorial Day weekend 2018

Mark your calendars for the great spring party of Tango, Nature, and Connection! Salt Lake Tango Fest 2018 with Guillermo Cerneaz, Gaby Mataloni, Rod Relucio, Jenny Teters, Tommy Smith, John Miller & more!

9 classes + an extra chacarera workshop + Beginner Bootcamp + Brunch Music and DJing lecture
5 milongas including Canyon Picnic & Asado and our classic Trasnochanda con Medialunas
“Temple of Tango” – our amazing venue at the Garbett Art Center a.k.a. Old North Church (700 N 200W, Salt Lake City) has been remodeled, and now features two new and expanded dance floors.
The Tango House experience … stay right next to the venue in a vintage house complete with a dance floor (strictly limited – only 4 rooms, 5 beds)
The afterparty tango-tour … yes, it’s Mystic again, with its hot springs soak, pavillion milonga and asado, accommodations in cowboy cabins and hippy school buses, and sightseeing tour of Native petroglyphs and amazing rock formations (Monday-Tuesday May 28 and 29)
Registration begins on February 11 at 10pm MST with the first 20 “door-prize” super-early bird passes priced at just $120Early bird pass $155 (the price will be $165 at the door)
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gaby2Our dear friends, internationally renown Guille and Gaby! 

GUILLERMO CERNEAZ is one of the most creative, fun, and multi-dimensional tango dancers in the current world of tango. Born & raised in Buenos Aires, Guillermo started dancing tango at the age of 19. He has been teaching tango for over 17 years in Buenos Aires and around the world.

GABY MATALONI, also a porteña, has been connected to the world of Dance since her childhood. At the age of 21, moved by the desire of learning more about her own culture and traditions, she discovers Tango, finding in it her real passion and vocation.

gaby-1This pair is fully committed to transmit Tango dance and its culture in a simple and fun way. Since 2014 they partnered up to teach and perform in several festivals and workshops around the world. San Miguel Tango Festival in Mexico was their first one together, and the kick off of some great and intense experiences together such as Portland Tango Festival 2015, Slat Lake City Spring Festival 2016 and 2017 and Natural Tango Festival 2016 and 2017, where they’ll also be taking part in the 2018 and 10th and closing edition of the festival!! They’ve also taken part in Oniria, a Tango full length theatre production that was on stage as part of Natural Tango Festival 2016: it featured both national and international renowned artists and included the live painting of a life size mural on stage and the dancers being fully integrated into the images and story of it!
In these years, Guille and Gaby have developed together a teaching style that not only involves high quality technical information, but also focuses on making the process enjoyable, fun and accesible to every student. Their lessons are distinguished by their charisma, accuracy and a high energetic level. We learn better when we have fun! As performers, their energy and vibe also shows in every dance they do: from deeply emotional Puglieses to crazy fusion alternative dances, going through really milongueras milongas, they succeed at transmiting the escense of Tango and the Argentinian culture itself. Tango can be fun, and they show it can!
All in all, through these years of working together, Guille and Gaby have settled the bases of their own teaching and dancing styles and have many students that follow them to keep growing and sharing and having fun and dancing while they learn with them. Don’t miss this opportunity to keep working hard while having fun and learing the whole culture of Tango!

And, if you want to see some of their work, here is a little sneak-peack into Guille and Gaby’s Tango World:




RodAs an artist, musician, and Latin dance instructor of many years, Jenny found her true calling in dancing sharing her understanding of tango. With athleticism and grace, she flows effortlessly through complex movements, always finding a strong connection to the music and her partner. Her athletic background and focus on tango’s core movements combine to create a visually poetic expression of the music and her partner’s lead. Her years as a salsa dancer also contribute a distinctive flavor that is both engaging and entertaining.
Jenny has studied with many of the traditional masters of tango in an effort to refine and develop her technique and style. In turn, she works with numerous students, helping them establish a personal style to become strong tango followers in their own right. Her quiet encouragement and easy instruction have helped to advance a new generation of talented tangueras in the Chicago area.


Rod has been dancing all his life, and has performed in various venues around the States. Although his background has been mostly in hip hop and street dancing, he has fully committed himself to Argentine Tango. One can still see the lasting influence of street dancing in his innovative and original tango style. It is also easy to see the coexistence of traditional tango movements and philosophy working in symmetry with a newer nontraditional influence; the end result is an eye-catching and entertaining performance.
Rod has studied extensively with the masters in Buenos Aires and currently spends much of his time teaching in his native Chicago. His popular group classes are taught with humor and with an eye on encouraging and nurturing individual artistic styles; while at the same time stressing the core movements and strong values of traditional tango. His infectious energy and love of the dance have created a large following of students in Chicago and the surrounding area.


Jenny and Rod started dancing together in 2009; they annually go to Buenos Aires to train with world-renowned teachers and dancers. By fusing their other background styles in dance, their partnership generates a unique tango. Their group and private classes have become very popular in Chicago

We are excited to welcome back DJ John Miller and Jesica Cutler!

John Miller approaches Tango with the sharp mind of an academic, the obsessive determination of a coffee addict, and the soul of a poet. He began dancing at the age of 18, never suspecting that Tango would eventually take over his entire life. Originally trained as a Linguist, he eventually found himself at the milongas every night of the week and decided to pursue a career in Tango over one in Medieval French studies. He has been teaching full time since 2009 and presently gives weekly classes in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Golden. John is one of the most popular DJs in Colorado, and plays an average of 140 nights a year. He has DJed across North America at many festivals and milongas, including the UTango Festival in Salt Lake City, Burning Tango in McCloud, the Albuquerque Tango Festival, the Denver Tango Festival, the Natural Tango Festival, Tango Encuentro in Boulder, Mala Leche in New York City, and the Toronto Tango Experience. In his dance and in his teaching, John strives for clarity, precision, and elegance.

Tommy-M2Welcome back DJ and tango music researcher Tommy Smith from Boise!
Tommy discovered tango in early 2012. Since then his love for Argentine tango has grown into an obsession as he seeks ever increasing depths of knowledge. His skills and interests run the full spectrum: teaching, DJing, performing, and organizing. To educate and motivate beginning DJs, progressing DJs, and those interested in tango music, he offers semi-regular DJ workshops. Festivals he has DJ’d at include Montana’s Tango Uprising and the Salt Lake Tango Fest.
With a long history of teaching and tutoring engineering and math, Tommy brings his analytic and organized teaching style into the tango classroom, striving to present concepts that both reinforce each other organically and are accessible to students of all levels. He teaches comfortable and connected social tango, emphasizing versatility, thoughtfulness, and musicality.